Lot of Updates

28 12 2013

Weight training is going well, for me anyway. Nothing like before chronic fatigue and back pain came on the scene, but coming along. I’m eating better than I ever have.

I read more Scripture this year. Now I will be slowing down and have started studying Colossians as deeply as I can. So far I’ve read it in GW (multiple times), NEB, REB, NLT, TNIV, MSG, NASB, CEB, NRSV, GNB and GW again. I’ve read through intros in study Bibles. I need to read deSivla’s NT Intro to it. Then start with Sam Storms blog posts, which I think have become a book, and the Exegetical Guide to the Greek NT. I’ll also use Fee’s exegesis book and that new one by Blomberg et all. 

I’m finishing a chapter of Proverbs a day and will keep reading so that I’m not just on Colossians all the time.

I started over with reading Owen’s The Glory of Christ.  It’s been worth it.

I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to recover from Christmas. 

This is what Goodreads said that I read this year. The Institutes along with the guide was fantastic. I’m now all on board with classic Calvinism. Holstrom, Horton and Walton were also standouts. 

For some strange reason, Psalms is still a bit of an enigma for me. I’ll keep working on that. The 365 Days of Psalms book wasn’t that good for me.

I have some medical stuff going on that I hope will be improved in a few months. 

Photography has slowed way down. Just as I was starting a blog. I think working out kind of came in and stole some motivation for that. I had a good time photographing cats over Christmas, but it wasn’t as much as I had hoped. I have plenty of ideas written down if I ever need any. 

My motivation for reading has slipped a bit. I’m praying that will increase again. It’s so important. 




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