Some Little Stuff Before The Big Stuff

7 11 2014

I’m not going to update what I’ve read here because it’s on Goodreads (the ones I remember to note) and I want to start writing about them on the main blog after having gotten (?) the idea from Louis at Baker Bookhouse Church Connection. That will take more time, but it will be good for me to review some stuff. I haven’t wanted to spend the time yet, probably because I have quite a few to write about. And I really need to tell about the preteen fiction book I read to get my reading mojo going again. It’s embarrassing, but it’s a Christian book.

I posted about a year ago about a goal of increasing my bench press by 100lbs in a year. This sounds impossible, but it’s because I’m doing it for the second time around and I started out so weak after a couple of surgeries and chronic fatigue really doing a number on me. Well, when you’re improving fast, you think it’s going to keep up, but it inevitably slows down, even when you’re 18, unless you’re taking the special vitamin S. But, I’m really not very far off. I’m about 90% of the way there. I should be very glad about that. I’m still so much weaker than I used to be back in the day because of fatigue that’s still there and all the medications I’m taking, but I’m so thankful I’m able to workout at all.

My back pain has gotten worse, which is troubling. If it gets much worse, I will have to cut back on all weight training except for maybe forearms. Which brings me to my next post…




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