9 04 2016

I’ve hit a major wall in reading outside the Bible. I don’t know what’s going on, other than I’d rather watch TV, which isn’t a good sign. It’s a bifurcated lack of zeal. I’m using Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System and I’m gladly and easily reading 8-9 chapters a day. Praying and reviewing memorized Scripture are going well. I’m even memorizing my first passage in Greek. But when it comes to worshipping and taking refuge in God by reading about theology, I don’t know what happened. I’m very tired of life, tired of dealing with these conditions and tired of trying (there’s a bad sign too) to have faith.

Pastor Tom mentioned that sometimes good branches are pruned back along with dead ones to get them to grow more robustly. As a gardener, I can see this. It’s a very unexpected thing to happen though. I know that God is in control of this. So while I wait, I try to just read a few pages a night and not watch stupid Youtube videos.

Just as a timeline for myself, I’m in the middle of reading Calvin’s Institutes for a second time–the 1541 edition though. I don’t think the size of the book is the problem.




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