Wrestling, Reading and Compliments

25 01 2015

After wrestling with God, I didn’t seem to have much of a limp–at first. In fact, I seemed a little less humble with people. I didn’t mean to be. I think the devil took the opportunity to try to discourage me by tempting me. But a few weeks later it seemed to set in, kind of like when injuring yourself and not realizing it until after the workout or after the game; except this was a few weeks instead of hours or overnight. I think a big part of it was reading The Crook in the Lot. This has to be the best book I’ve read on suffering. I don’t know if I should call it that, or if it was just the right book for me at the right time. In any case, it’s a great book, but I don’t know if it’s going to be that great for everyone or not. It’s a little hard to read the old English, but unless I was just getting used to it, God really seemed to be helping me to understand it.

I’ve gotten a couple of nice compliments from people lately, one from Louis at Baker Book House Church Connection that I have a hard time believing and the one by Esteban about writing. For some reason, I don’t handle compliments well. But I thanked him. In any case, I suppose it encourages me to keep blogging, right when I wonder if it’s doing any good for me or others. I’m just making a note of it for myself here on the semi-secret blog. I don’t like it when people announce it when others have complimented them or when their blog climbed in the (bogus) rankings or whatever. (Matt 23:12)

There are so many things I want to read. Reading has been going better lately. I hope to be able to read a lot more this year than last. I’m working on spending even less time on the internet–a constant struggle. There have been a lot of good articles and blog posts lately though. I’m reading some shorter books now. Later on, I plan on reading some longer ones like Communion With God and Horton’s systematic theology. I also want to read some books on Luther along with something by him, and more books on Ecclesiastes. I want to read a NT Theology book like Shreiner’s, but that might not get done until next year. I’d like to read more books on the gospel, like Horton’s, and I have a Kindle book I got for free by Derek Thomas.

Apparently, this is my 100th post on this blog. I can’t believe that’s true. I wonder if it’s an aggregate of other blogs.


Gluten, Owen, Greek and Fatigue

20 08 2013

Started Gluten free diet a few weeks ago. I feel just enough better for a long enough period of time to say I feel better. Going to go for another month and then test it out. If there’s something to it, I should keep improving.

I may be a bit less fatigued, but I’m falling asleep too soon at night, which cuts into my reading time. I found The Glory of Christ by Owen, which is fantastic, but by the time I get to reading it, I’m falling asleep. I’m also reading Waltke’s NIVAC commentary on Job which has precedence right now as I’m finishing up reading the whole Bible. So I’m frustrated. Trying to reduce a med, but it’s hard. I need to reduce even more time reading stuff on the webtering machine and watching YouTube, as informative as it’s been. I can’t wait to read more Owen–although I can’t wait to read him every night, and then fall asleep–and see if I like Edwards as much too. Pastor Tom mentioned Bunyan too. Don’t forget that.

There’s so much stuff I want to blog about, and I don’t know how I’ll fit that in. Not needing 11 hours of sleep a day would help. !  The photography blog is going very slowly, with barely any visitors, so I’m just mainly uploading pictures and not spending time on articles.

Earlier this year I became determined to “learn” beginning Greek and spend more time on it.  Still going on that. I’m on chapter 15 on Black’s workbook. Third declension nouns put a big slowdown on that. I’m reading Mounce’s book on that too. Which is what I’m going to do now.

Books Read In 2012

25 05 2012

Goodreads shows it but some are partially read.

  • The Gospel of Luke by Green, Joel B. – huge and pretty good; his Wesleyism only showed up a few times
  • A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God’s Sovereignty by Tada, Joni Eareckson – very good, slightly repetitive and self indulgent (I should talk)
  • The Transforming Power of the Gospel by Bridges, Jerry – very good–a Puritan book may have been better, like some ones he quoted; I got it free as Kindle
  • A Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 1 by Ross, Allen P. – perfect for me just like his exposition of Genesis, must get the other two volumes despite cost; I read the whole intro and a couple Psalms
  • Acts by Bock, Darrell L. – commentary on commentaries; I should have gotten Bruce or Witherington
  • The Most Misused Verses in the Bible: Surprising Ways God’s Word Is Misunderstood by Bargerhuff, Eric J. – very good, simple language, I already had a couple of these previously worked out on my own
  • The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Keller, Timothy – 38 fantastic pages, must read again
  • The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul – very good and different; he starts from the Old Testament with everything with is nice
  • You Gotta Keep Dancin’ – guy who lives with extreme pain, cheerleady but some good points, admits that emotional pain is even worse

Remember to add as year goes on.

Use of time

3 02 2011

I’ve been making better use of my time and spending less time on the net. I still have to write a post about that. I’ve been spending more time with Greek  because of it and working on the Proverbs group study guide a little everyday to get it done so I can concentrate on what’s next which will probably the commentary on the last three books of the Bible. Whatever else I do after that, I plan on reading a Psalm a day along with the Essential Companion book.

Reading Plan So Far

3 02 2011

Tabs don’t seem to work here when I tried <code>. I know they don’t work with HTML but the checkmark lines should be lined up. Up to day 31 is complete.

001.__Gen 1-3 __Mark 1-2 __Prov 1 __Ps 1-2
002.__Gen 4-6 __Mark 3-4 __Prov 2 __Ps 3
003.__Gen 7-9 __Mark 5-6 __Prov 3 __Ps 4
004.__Gen 10-12 __Mark 7-8 __Prov 4 __Ps 5
005.__Gen 13-15 __Mark 9-10 __ Prov 5 __Ps 6
006.__Gen 16-18 __Mark 11-12 __ Prov 6 __Ps 7
007.__Gen 19-21 __Mark 13-16 __ Prov 7 __Ps 8
008.__Gen 22-24 __Mark 15-16 __ Prov 8 __Ps 9
009.__Gen 25-27 __James 1-2 __ Prov 9 __Ps 10
010.__Gen 28-30 __James 3-5 __ Prov 10 __Ps 11
011.__Gen 31-33 __Gal 1-2 __ Prov 11 __Ps 12
012.__Gen 34-36 __Gal 3-4 __ Prov 12 __Ps 13
013.__Gen 37-39 __Gal 5-6 __ Prov 13 __Ps 14
014.__Gen 40-42 __1 Thess 1-2 __ Prov 14 __Ps 15
015.__Gen 43-45 __1 Thess 3-5 __ Prov 15 __Ps 16
016.__Gen 46-48 __2 Thess 1-3 __ Prov 16 __Ps 17
017.__Gen 49-50 __1 Cor 1-2 __ Prov 17 __Ps 18
018.__Exo 1-3 __1 Cor 3-4 __ Prov 18 __Ps 19
019.__Exo 4-6 __1 Cor 5-6 __ Prov 19 __Ps 20
020.__Exo 7-9 __1 Cor 7-8 __ Prov 20 __Ps 21
021.__Exo 10-12 __1 Cor 9-10 __ Prov 21 __Ps 22
022.__Exo 13-15 __1 Cor 11-12 __ Prov 22 __Ps 23
023.__Exo 16-18 __1 Cor 13-14 __ Prov 23 __Ps 24
024.__Exo 19-21 __1 Cor 15-16 __ Prov 24 __Ps 25
025.__Exo 22-24 __2 Cor 1-2 __ Prov 25 __Ps 26
026.__Exo 25-27 __2 Cor 3-4 __ Prov 26 __Ps 27
027.__Exo 28-29 __2 Cor 5-6 __ Prov 27 __Ps 28
028.__Exo 30-34 __2 Cor 7-8 __ Prov 28 __Ps 29
029.__Exo 35-38 __2 Cor 9-10 __ Prov 29 __Ps 30
030.__Exo 39-40 __2 Cor 11-13 __ Prov 30 __Ps 31
031.__Lev 1-3 __Rom 1-2 __ Prov 31 __Ps 32
031.__Lev 4-6 __Rom 3-4 __ Acts 1 __Ps 33
032.__Lev 7-9 __Rom 5-6 __ __Ps
033.__Lev 10-12 __Rom 7-8 __ __Ps
034.__Lev 13-15 __Rom 9-10 __ __Ps
035.__Lev 16-18 __Rom 11-12 __ __Ps
036.__Lev 19-21 __Rom 13-14 __ __Ps
037.__Lev 22-24 __Rom 15-16 __ __Ps
038.__Lev 25-27 __Col 1-2 __ __Ps
039.__Num 1-3 __Col 4-4 __ __Ps
040.__Num 4-6 __Phlm __ __Ps
041.__Num 7-9 __Eph 1-2 __ __Ps
042.__Num 10-12 __Eph 3-4 __ __Ps
043.__Num 13-15 __Eph 5-6 __ __Ps
044.__Num 17-19 __Phil 1-2 __ __Ps
045.__Num 20-22 __Phil 3-4 __ __Ps
046.__Num 23-25 __ __ __Ps
047.__Num 27-29 __ __ __Ps
048.__Num 30-32 __ __ __Ps
049.__Num 33-35 __ __ __Ps
050.__Num 36 __ __ __Ps
051.__Deut 1-3 __ __ __Ps
052.__Deut 4-6 __ __ __Ps
053.__Deut 7-9 __ __ __Ps
054.__Deut 10-12 __ __ __Ps
055.__Deut 13-15 __ __ __Ps
056.__Deut 17-19 __ __ __Ps
057.__Deut 20-22 __ __ __Ps
058.__Deut 23-25 __ __ __Ps
059.__Deut 27-29 __ __ __Ps
060.__Deut 30-32 __ __ __Ps
061.__Deut 33-34 __ __ __Ps

Post Surgery Post

2 08 2010

I’m depressed yet feel like writing.

My reading plans have changed a little so I should write about that. I had this year planned out at the beginning of the year but had no idea I’d be having surgery.

I was supposed to be done with the OT by now but that will be delayed by about six weeks. I will only finish about 2-3 weeks early.

In addition, I feel like right now I need to read more about suffering and related issues like worry which have gotten out of control.

I just got done reading Unburdened (with a review on the main site soon as of this writing). Out of that I made a commitment to worry less but I need God’s help of course but also direction and some sort of structure theologically and practically. I’ve been doing well so far but it’s only been two weeks at the most and it hasn’t been tested in trials yet.

Right now I’m going to move on and read How Long O Lord by Carson. This is instead of reading OT related material. During and after the hospital was so traumatic and my faith was tested so much that I really need to be better prepared. I thought I was doing so well with all the books I’ve read on suffering, all the Scripture I have memorized, all the suffering I’ve done etc. I was almost prideful about it and then it really got tested and I failed miserably. I prayed and asked others to pray for spiritual matters as much or more than physical before the surgery and what I got was unexpected but I certainly got answered prayer and it will make me more Christ-like which is good.

By the time I’m done with the OT though I plan on my extra reading to be related to the OT. So I need to get a better action plan going for when big trials come up before then.

The extra OT reading will go well into 2011 instead of being done by the end of this year. So that’s the way it goes. No need to hurry.

I’m still sleeping so much because of medication even though I’m tapering that I haven’t been spending time with Greek. I must get back to that or it will slip too far.

I plan on reading:

  • Haggai Zechariah Malachi
  • Handbook on the Pentateuch
  • Creation and Blessing (Genesis)
  • Finding Jesus in the Old Testament
  • Old Testament Theology by von Rad (possibly)

Then I plan on finishing up the NT commentaries which is Luke and Acts. I would guess that will take me to almost the end of 2011. In 2012 I want to start reading Calvin’s Institutes and study Colossians as thoroughly as I can. And just read books and books. Whatever I feel like. I’ll have to see about Professor Horner’s reading plan of 10 chapters a day which I want to do.

Greek, Photography, Reading, Health

29 03 2010

It’s been too long since I’ve written to myself.

I’ve still be reading Mounce and now I’m going through the companion workbook to the Black book. I want to learn this stuff well although I could study it even more. So it’s been a long time since I’ve moved on from Chapter 18 but going through the workbook has been good. Since I got it as a review copy I should use it. I’m still a bit behind in vocabulary but getting better with the flashcards.

My renewed interest in photography and interest in digital photography is taking some of my reading time. I’ve been reading about technical, creative and software stuff. At some point around the middle of the year that will need to simmer down. My reading about the Bible time has been cut in half but I think that’s OK for a season. Bible reading is ahead of schedule so that’s why I want to be ready to get back to reading as much as I can when I finish the OT in the middle of the summer. I plan on a commentary on the last three books of the Bible, commentary on Genesis, Handbook on the Pentateuch and whatever else.

Reading the OT has been great. God’s hatred of sin and his holiness are what stick out. How disparate that is from our society, including Christians. Even the less exciting stuff is great because I know it’s inspired by God and we have the privilege of reading it.

My back and fatigue have been really bad. I often sleep for 2 1/2 hours during the day and my back keeps me even from concentrating at its worst. It’s starting to scare me. I can’t read as much when I’m sleeping so much but sometimes I literally can’t stay awake.