Gluten, Owen, Greek and Fatigue

20 08 2013

Started Gluten free diet a few weeks ago. I feel just enough better for a long enough period of time to say I feel better. Going to go for another month and then test it out. If there’s something to it, I should keep improving.

I may be a bit less fatigued, but I’m falling asleep too soon at night, which cuts into my reading time. I found The Glory of Christ by Owen, which is fantastic, but by the time I get to reading it, I’m falling asleep. I’m also reading Waltke’s NIVAC commentary on Job which has precedence right now as I’m finishing up reading the whole Bible. So I’m frustrated. Trying to reduce a med, but it’s hard. I need to reduce even more time reading stuff on the webtering machine and watching YouTube, as informative as it’s been. I can’t wait to read more Owen–although I can’t wait to read him every night, and then fall asleep–and see if I like Edwards as much too. Pastor Tom mentioned Bunyan too. Don’t forget that.

There’s so much stuff I want to blog about, and I don’t know how I’ll fit that in. Not needing 11 hours of sleep a day would help. !  The photography blog is going very slowly, with barely any visitors, so I’m just mainly uploading pictures and not spending time on articles.

Earlier this year I became determined to “learn” beginning Greek and spend more time on it.  Still going on that. I’m on chapter 15 on Black’s workbook. Third declension nouns put a big slowdown on that. I’m reading Mounce’s book on that too. Which is what I’m going to do now.


Where I Am [At]

20 05 2013

Hello me.

I decided to use the workbook that goes along with Black’s beginning Greek grammar. I’m glad they sent that when they sent the review copy. I’m using it more than I did before and started at the beginning. I’m trying to do two chapters a week. There are a lot of translation exercises. When I worked on it before, I didn’t do all of them. I make repetitive mistakes, so this should be helpful. For now I’m almost enjoying it. The conversational Greek course isn’t getting me very far. I have to go through 14 more weeks now in Greek II.

I’m trying to spend more time reading books. I’m reading the Bible more this year and have been spending more time on Greek, so it’s been difficult. I’m having to cut out a little more internet stuff, but I’m finding that I just tend to waste time during a certain part of the day. I read reviews or articles or watch Youtube videos that just aren’t necessary. I realized I need to ask God to change what I want to do. I can’t just cut stuff out. I want to write a post about that.

I’ve been so tired lately. I sleep more than I want to. Chronic fatigue is either getting worse or I’m in a long down cycle. At least I’ve been able to pray as much as I want to without falling asleep. That was a problem for a while and God has gotten me out of that. Thank you. ^

I wonder if Tim Tebow will find a team. He’s probably really being tested spiritually and may be for quite some time. Become a tight end. Yeah that’s a good idea. Fire the guy who started that idea.

I had a great time reading the Pentateuch. I don’t know what the problem is with that. The living God of the universe wrote something to us. You’d think people would be awed by that and know it’s good for you. I hope I feel that way as decades go on, God willing.

My memory has gotten better. Less mistakes when reviewing Scripture. I don’t know if it’s the fish oil or what. Very glad for that because one of the meds decreases memory.

I have enough books for years to come. But I really want Horton’s Pilgrim Theology after reading a sample. I have Puritan Theology and haven’t even read it yet. I would love some of Carl Trueman’s books, but they would just be entertaining things that I completely agree with already.

Better go read a book. After I work on Greek.

It’s Been a While

22 03 2013

I haven’t written in a long time. I spent a little time reading back, which is partly why I write here. I can see I started trying to spend less time on the internet two years ago. Still working on it. I’ve slipped a little the last few weeks. I’m tired. I’m not sure why I’m on Facebook. It started out as blogging friends conversing, showing some links and exchanging prayer requests. Now it’s missing persons and animals, political rants (Obama got elected, get over it!), graphics of this and that and the other thing. I have to keep a narrower list unfortunately. People are always fantastic when I ask for prayer. I’m trying to keep the talk about the conditions down so I don’t look like I think I’m special or an attention seeker (which I’m not), or tire people out with it.

I feel like I’m at a crossroads with Greek. I’ve gone through Black’s book but don’t feel like I know it. I went thru 2/3s of Dobson and thought it was great until it just broke down and felt unorganized. I’m now taking a ‘living language’ course and I’m not sure if it’s as great as it’s made out to be. We’ll see. I’m working on grammar and inflections and want to watch more YouTube videos (I guess YT can actually can be worthwhile). The Buth/Living Language people seem to all speak Greek alike. They use a lot of now, yes, good and xeire. It’s like English Greek. Greek vocab is improving. I read a chapter of 1 John and even a part of one in Matthew and understood them. Maybe not the nuances and being able to name all the parts of all the grammar of every word, but I could understand most of the words and sentences.

I’ve been struggling with living with my conditions. I’m tired, and tired of them. I feel like my spiritual zeal has gone down another notch, although it’s still relatively very high. I’m reading Sibbes and it’s like Flavel where he’s just listing a bunch of stuff and will probably say some great things in the last 1/3 of the book. I need to read Owen or Edwards or somebody.

I’m trying to do some stuff to make money with photography and start a blog, but we’ll see. I’ve really gotten to love photography again, although not as passionate as music.

I’ve had so many blog ideas that at one point I had more than a month of blog posts lined up. I wonder how long that will last. I hope it’s beneficial.

Been reading Psalms again and still having a hard time getting into them. Someday…

I feel weird. Rather aimless. Tired. Praying has been great though. God is still showing me one new thing a week to praise him about. Chronic fatigue kept me from being able to pray as much as I wanted but the last few months I get it all done each week in addition to the meditative type stuff throughout the day or when I’m reading. My memory for Scripture memory is still better than when in the few year slump. I still get frustrated that they’re not perfect like they used to be.

Life stinks, but I also have so many things to be thankful for and God has helped me to be more thankful. Still trying to learn to live with all of this stuff and suffer well. Sense of humor is still there. I’m out of sorts and need to borrow some.

Studying, Reading, Etc.

28 09 2012

I’m probably spending more time on Greek than ever. Using the Dobson book, which is so completely different, has been pretty good for how I learn, although having the background and vocab from the other books is really helpful. God designed a good program for me.

About a third of the way through I got to where I felt a little lost again, so like the Black book, I went back to the beginning and read it over again. I just caught back up to where I was and am moving on, and feel like I have a better handle on things. I can’t say I enjoy learning it, but this book is more enjoyable than the standard ones. I don’t think I can finish it by the end of the year, which means I’ll be going on 3+ years for beginning Greek. But surgery and bad weeks of side effects while trying different things, bad sleep, pain and chronic fatigue can slow one down.

I’m reading more books at one time than ever. Bible, Greek, Institutes, a book about the Institutes–which is helpful, Desiring God, and that ebook about Greek words now and then.

My spiritual zeal has gone down a notch for the first time in many years, but it’s still very high. I’m having a great time going through Scripture very slowly, for a while, probably the end of the year.

For some reason, my memory has gotten better and Scripture memory review is smoother. Greek vocab is decent too. I miss memorizing Scripture. Need to do a post on just memorizing references and the basic subject.

Being Well When We’re Ill was one of the more complete books on suffering I’ve read. Didn’t like the Arminian and slogan-like theology though.

(This blog is mainly like a diary for me, but written as if others are reading, just in case.)

Books Read In 2012

25 05 2012

Goodreads shows it but some are partially read.

  • The Gospel of Luke by Green, Joel B. – huge and pretty good; his Wesleyism only showed up a few times
  • A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God’s Sovereignty by Tada, Joni Eareckson – very good, slightly repetitive and self indulgent (I should talk)
  • The Transforming Power of the Gospel by Bridges, Jerry – very good–a Puritan book may have been better, like some ones he quoted; I got it free as Kindle
  • A Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 1 by Ross, Allen P. – perfect for me just like his exposition of Genesis, must get the other two volumes despite cost; I read the whole intro and a couple Psalms
  • Acts by Bock, Darrell L. – commentary on commentaries; I should have gotten Bruce or Witherington
  • The Most Misused Verses in the Bible: Surprising Ways God’s Word Is Misunderstood by Bargerhuff, Eric J. – very good, simple language, I already had a couple of these previously worked out on my own
  • The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Keller, Timothy – 38 fantastic pages, must read again
  • The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul – very good and different; he starts from the Old Testament with everything with is nice
  • You Gotta Keep Dancin’ – guy who lives with extreme pain, cheerleady but some good points, admits that emotional pain is even worse

Remember to add as year goes on.

Greek Again

12 05 2012

I got a new Greek book. It’s totally different. Like totally. (Dobson) It doesn’t even start out with letter names. It says this Greek letter sounds like this English letter or like this sound. Then it says this Greek word means this. That Greek word means that. Put them in a sentence. Instead of learn the letter names, learn what nouns of the first declension are. Memorize the endings of the first declension. Now memorize the endings of the verbs. By the time I get to the 10th chapter I forgot what I learned on the 3rd. This one uses what was learned in each successive chapter. I came close to thinking about quitting and this got me going again. Kind of starting over, but I know the material so far instead of feeling bewildered like when I was in school. But I have a wide vocabulary built up and know what a lot of the terms are. Kind of like reading the NLT or God’s Word but already knowing the terms that are in the NASB.

I’ll report back in a while.


29 04 2012

I’m the most down and pessimistic about Greek as ever. My brain isn’t exactly running on all cylinders (was it ever?) with fatigue, medication and pain. I read and study, and memorize and review the vocab, and even use the workbook, but by the time I’ve done three chapters, I’ve forgotten what I did before. The workbook isn’t progressive.

Last night I had a glimmer of hope when I read back and could translate some of the exercises well, and I can better understand what Bock is saying in his commentary on Acts, but I don’t know if I can learn and retain enough to be able to read Greek.

I’ve been reviewing memorized Scripture as much as ever because of my fogginess and determination to keep it strong, and I really miss memorizing Scripture. Right now I want to use the time spent on Greek for English stuff. I don’t feel like tutoring over the phone would help much because it seems to be a matter of brain power, and I hate the phone. I need a book that goes slower and more in-depth.

By the end of the summer I should be through the beginner book. I’ll see how I’m doing then. Maybe I’ll read backwards for a while until things get easy again. I was going to do Black’s intermediate/intermediate book, but I don’t know. Too legit to quit.