Wrestling, Reading and Compliments

25 01 2015

After wrestling with God, I didn’t seem to have much of a limp–at first. In fact, I seemed a little less humble with people. I didn’t mean to be. I think the devil took the opportunity to try to discourage me by tempting me. But a few weeks later it seemed to set in, kind of like when injuring yourself and not realizing it until after the workout or after the game; except this was a few weeks instead of hours or overnight. I think a big part of it was reading The Crook in the Lot. This has to be the best book I’ve read on suffering. I don’t know if I should call it that, or if it was just the right book for me at the right time. In any case, it’s a great book, but I don’t know if it’s going to be that great for everyone or not. It’s a little hard to read the old English, but unless I was just getting used to it, God really seemed to be helping me to understand it.

I’ve gotten a couple of nice compliments from people lately, one from Louis at Baker Book House Church Connection that I have a hard time believing and the one by Esteban about writing. For some reason, I don’t handle compliments well. But I thanked him. In any case, I suppose it encourages me to keep blogging, right when I wonder if it’s doing any good for me or others. I’m just making a note of it for myself here on the semi-secret blog. I don’t like it when people announce it when others have complimented them or when their blog climbed in the (bogus) rankings or whatever. (Matt 23:12)

There are so many things I want to read. Reading has been going better lately. I hope to be able to read a lot more this year than last. I’m working on spending even less time on the internet–a constant struggle. There have been a lot of good articles and blog posts lately though. I’m reading some shorter books now. Later on, I plan on reading some longer ones like Communion With God and Horton’s systematic theology. I also want to read some books on Luther along with something by him, and more books on Ecclesiastes. I want to read a NT Theology book like Shreiner’s, but that might not get done until next year. I’d like to read more books on the gospel, like Horton’s, and I have a Kindle book I got for free by Derek Thomas.

Apparently, this is my 100th post on this blog. I can’t believe that’s true. I wonder if it’s an aggregate of other blogs.


Post Surgery Post

2 08 2010

I’m depressed yet feel like writing.

My reading plans have changed a little so I should write about that. I had this year planned out at the beginning of the year but had no idea I’d be having surgery.

I was supposed to be done with the OT by now but that will be delayed by about six weeks. I will only finish about 2-3 weeks early.

In addition, I feel like right now I need to read more about suffering and related issues like worry which have gotten out of control.

I just got done reading Unburdened (with a review on the main site soon as of this writing). Out of that I made a commitment to worry less but I need God’s help of course but also direction and some sort of structure theologically and practically. I’ve been doing well so far but it’s only been two weeks at the most and it hasn’t been tested in trials yet.

Right now I’m going to move on and read How Long O Lord by Carson. This is instead of reading OT related material. During and after the hospital was so traumatic and my faith was tested so much that I really need to be better prepared. I thought I was doing so well with all the books I’ve read on suffering, all the Scripture I have memorized, all the suffering I’ve done etc. I was almost prideful about it and then it really got tested and I failed miserably. I prayed and asked others to pray for spiritual matters as much or more than physical before the surgery and what I got was unexpected but I certainly got answered prayer and it will make me more Christ-like which is good.

By the time I’m done with the OT though I plan on my extra reading to be related to the OT. So I need to get a better action plan going for when big trials come up before then.

The extra OT reading will go well into 2011 instead of being done by the end of this year. So that’s the way it goes. No need to hurry.

I’m still sleeping so much because of medication even though I’m tapering that I haven’t been spending time with Greek. I must get back to that or it will slip too far.

I plan on reading:

  • Haggai Zechariah Malachi
  • Handbook on the Pentateuch
  • Creation and Blessing (Genesis)
  • Finding Jesus in the Old Testament
  • Old Testament Theology by von Rad (possibly)

Then I plan on finishing up the NT commentaries which is Luke and Acts. I would guess that will take me to almost the end of 2011. In 2012 I want to start reading Calvin’s Institutes and study Colossians as thoroughly as I can. And just read books and books. Whatever I feel like. I’ll have to see about Professor Horner’s reading plan of 10 chapters a day which I want to do.

Reading Polishing God’s Monuments; Plans

5 11 2009

I’m reading Polishing God’s Monuments as my in-between book. It’s OK but not as good as I had hoped. A great/terrible story within it.

I’m reading through Matthew again in the HCSB and will read through John in the NLT and then read Carson’s commentary on John.

I think I’m going to read the NLT Mosaic devotional starting Nov. 29.

I’m halfway through Black’s Greek grammar and want to use the workbook more. I have to write a review of the book which will be difficult.

Finished Mark; Greek Plodding Along

6 07 2009

I finished Cole’s commentary on Mark and really got a lot out of it even though it’s somewhat basic. Some questions weren’t answered but I learned a lot from it and there are the other synoptics including France’s imposing commentary on Matthew. I asked myself a few times if I really want to go through that 1200 page tome and yes, I really do.

I just started Carson’s A Call to Spiritual Reformation.

I’m considering copying my notes from my NRSV to my HCSB even though the NLT will be my main reading Bible for at least another year. I’m reading the NLT before I read the commentary and now the HCSB after and might start taking notes in the HCSB. Maybe.

Apparently I’m unusual because I’m Reformed and don’t like the ESV.

I’m in chapter 10 of Croy’s book. It’s going slow because of my age, time I’m willing to spend (although I’m working on it every day), mental energy or lack of, especially with all the medical stuff and wanting to learn it well. I decided not to think negatively of this in any way. In fact I’m glad I’m not learning Greek in school or I would forget the majority of it by the time I’m finished racing through it at college speed.

“Three Year Plan” Might Be On Schedule

5 12 2008

Three year plan of reading commentaries for all of NT and about four OT plus OT Theology by von Rad, Use of OT in NT seems to be on schedule. I just got done with Hebrews and liked Bruce’s commentary very much.

I’m trying to read a regular book in between each commentary but Greek stuff has been slowing me down and I want to keep going. I am reading John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion Doctrine & Doxology right now which I’ll be reviewing. It’s fascinating.

What I’m doing now is read the book in the NLT first and not slowly like I was doing before but trying to read it all at once to get a better overview. Then after reading the commentary I read the book again in the NRSV where I write any notes.

I’ll need to go back to the Gospels and Acts because for some reason I started in Romans. I was going to do Genesis, Job, Ecclesiastes and Daniel in between the Gospels but I may do Isaiah instead of Job since I’ve gone through Job a couple of times. We’ll see.

After all that I want to do some serious exegesis and in-depth study of the Sermon on the Mount (which we did in group study), Colossians and part(s) of Hebrews.

All subject to change. But I think I’m about halfway through and it’s been about a year and a half.